Music: Random Associations

When I skimmed through this post by Ben Jones during the last few days of my final year at college , I almost lost hope after reading #10 and  #25 and  was almost about to dismiss his post as infeasible and close the window. I decided to read again to check whether college was really that  miserable.Then #3 caught my attention.It reads:

                  In college more than ever before, songs will attach themselves to memories. Every month or two, make a mix cd, mp3 folder, whatever – just make sure you keep copies of these songs. Ten years out, they’ll be as effective as a journal in taking you back to your favorite moments.

This certainly seemed the most feasible. I had firmly resolved that I would create my own collection of nostalgic music.Finally, after much procrastination,here is a list of the ones that made it:

1. Kya Hua Jo Laari Chooti- THE IIT JEE Song

Although not exactly a college memory, this one still ranks quite high as this was the one that got me to college. Yeah! On the day of the IIT-JEE (April 8 , 2007, I still remember) as I travelled to my exam centre in my vehicle, I just turned on the radio to keep myself relaxed.As I switched radio channels for better music I heard this song 5 times during the 40 minute journey from Trombay to Colaba. And that was  not the end. I heard it four more times during the break between the two papers. The overdose was to the extent that the song was playing in my head throughout the second paper. Luckily, there were no negative effects and I peacefully landed into IIT Bombay.

2. Mann Ka Radio : The Trek Song

I had been a Himesh Reshammiya fan those days ( Though his latest release Damadamm  made me kick myself for ever being one) and was travelling by train with a few friends to Neral for a trek at around 4 am. En route, in an othermise empty compartment but for us, when we put on the radio, it was this song that played. The words “Fulltoo attitude” sung in a typical Himesh attitude caught our attention and we chanted it throughout the arduous journey. The song has  ever since been  immortalised as our official trek song .

3.Race Saanson ki : Disaster averted

No, I don”t remember this for Katrina Kaif or Bipasha Basu. I was so enchanted by the song that I downloaded this movie from DC++, to watch with my brother at home. I went home during the weekend , was about to call my brother for joining in, when by divine intervention, the thought of checking the video quality occurred to me. I opened the file and was shocked to see you know what.( I was not shocked by the content :P, but more by the fact that I was just about to show it to my brother, who was innocent then). The incident left a permanent scar and I have now made it a point to check everytime if the title of the download matches the content.

4.Numb by Linkin Park: Debut English Song

I have not listened to English music much. In fact, I was such a noob that for many days, I thought Linkin Park was the name of the singer.This was the first song in English ( and one of the very few to date) that I liked and listened to on a continued basis. In fact for a few days after this I felt “cool” to have joined the company of  ‘elite’ English Music listeners  (it sounds weird, but even I was a freshie once), only to learn from music literate friends later that it was not such a good song at all.

5.La Isla Bonita:  Alizeeeeeeeee

Not for Madonna , but for Alizee. I still remember that after I saw this song, I frantically searched through wiki to check if she was married and whether she was younger than me. Such was the effect of Alizee. And I still remember cursing the guitarist in the video for blocking the view during the best of her dance steps.

6. Ajab Si – The first year bathroom song

I absolutely love the melodious voice of KK in this song coupled by the enchanting background music of Vishal and Shekhar. And then, the song marked the debut of Deepika Padukone in Bollywood – so I could not have asked for more. I still remember annoying many hostel mates with my rendition of the song.

7. Hey Ya! – The Deepika Song’

I bunked a Quality Control class, went to the theatre and watched the movie just to catch a glimpse of Deepika Padukone in this song( and in the movie too). Such were her levels of gorgeousness and beauty in the movie.And yeah, she falls in love with a geek in the movie.

8. Chak De India! : The song that kept me inspired and awake

This song is associated with my first nightout at IIT Bombay, when I listened to it throughout the night, searching for inspiration in the lyrics,  as I worked with 2 sleep deprived friends on a hopeless robot for Techfest.

9. Mar Jawaan – The Lab Song

Apart from being a personal favorite, this soulful rendition by Shruti Pathak is enshrined in my memory due to a friend who played it more than a hundred times, as we worked in the laboratory assembling automobile parts for our own version of a buggie for the Mini Baja India Competition.

10.Kaalayil Dinamum – The Ultimate Overdose

I once used to like this Tamil Song. It is about the love a son has for his mother. I introduced a good friend of mine, who stayed next to my room, to this song. He liked it as well. He played this song for an hour on his laptop. Two hours. Three Hours.Two Days. Three Days. A week. Enough.Too much of an overdose. I dont listen to it anymore.I don’t even want anyone to listen to it or search for a still from the song.

11.Sheila Ki Jawani: The CC Grade Song

Occured in the  final semester.The video for this song was posted on Facebook 10 hours before my Microprocessors and Automatic Control(MAC) endsemester exam, a course which I had already screwed up a lot. I was hardly prepared but I still watched this video a few times ( it was a Katrina item number for God’s sake). I ended up watching it many many more times overnight till I realised that I knew nothing for the day’s exam. Enter the exam hall, Sheila came to my mind instead of Fourier transforms and  by the end of the paper, I realised that Hurricane Katrina screwed my examination royally. I almost concluded I was going to fail, took desperate measures like begging the instructor for mercy. I ended up getting a CC – my lowest grade ever at college and I can only blame Sheila or that.

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