Teach For India: Five Random Reasons

For many days, friends and acquaintances have been hounding me with the one question I hate to answer.

Why did you join Teach For India?

I don’t hate it because I don’t know the answer, but rather because people do not believe my answer. A friend from my college has had a similar experience, to which he gives a brilliant reply here. However, for those who still are not convinced, here are  5 reasons which attempt to do so:

Reason #1: I wanted to be away from IITians. Unfortunately, 2 more fellows had similar thoughts  and screwed my plans up

Reason#2: I was fed up being in a male dominated community :P. I wanted to be in touch with a  more balanced community.

Reason#3: I wanted to be good at managing life with frugal finances, a skill that would help me later.

Reason#4:After 4 brutal years of verbal atrocities committed on people at IITB,  I wanted to learn about emotions and become an empathetic and a caring person

Reason#5: I had planned to start a blog on October 30, 2011 and figured out that if I join TFI, people would naturally want to know how. By not answering their questions about my decision immediately, I could build up their curiosity to a level that they would be forced to follow my blog and this would increase traffic.

Dear reader,

I know you are still not convinced and are probably cursing me by now for such a retard post. But then , you never believe. However, don’t worry. My next post will definitely show the real reasons behind my decision.

3 thoughts on “Teach For India: Five Random Reasons

  1. Haha! Look forward to the real reasons, let’s see if we have more than background and “industry” of choice in common.

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