(DISCLAIMER : These are purely my views . You have every right to disagree  and have a shot at changing my opinion , but I doubt it will work) 

I asked someone a few days back , “So, what do you want to do in life? ”

“I want to become an entrepreneur” was the immediate reply.

Any normal person would have said that it was such a cool and hip thing to do and same was the case with me. I started thinking on how focused and aspirational this individual was .

Curious ,  I asked him my next question. What exactly do you want to do, as in what sector do you wish to make a foray into ?

The reply , ” I don’t know, but I want to become an entrepreneur”.

My conclusion about this dude changed instantly. It dawned upon me  that his first answer was the dumbest one I had come across in ages. Dumber still because this dude( name withheld) studies in the most prestigious educational institution in the country.

Dumb , because great entrepreneurs have never aspired to be one. They aspired to be great in their field of work, the tag of being an entrepreneur just happened to be a by-product. Of course, you may argue that yeah, this guy would probably get that idea somewhere, but in all probability ,in my opinion,  with this mindset , it might be a distant dream. He might go ahead and start a body shopping firm and call it a hi-tech entrepreneurial venture aimed at providing employment to millions, but I ain’t buying that.

In my opinion , this is one of the biggest reasons why we don’t have a Google or an Apple in India. Further,  many feel that by joining some entrepreneurial club/society in college or at work, we have taken our first step in becoming an entrepreneur. I am afraid to tell you that you are far from becoming one. Of course, I do not deny the fact that these societies / clubs help you lot in terms of some aspects of starting a business, building a network, meeting and listening to great people . But buddy, you are just not going to get an idea by sitting in an “idea generation workshop” or by attending the  XYZ Entrepreneurship Meet. If someone tells you  that you can, he is making a big fool of you.  If you are so crazy about getting “the right idea”, I would recommend sitting here instead:

Don’t be fooled. Wake up. Think . Evolve. Develop.

PS : People who still  want to be an “entrepreneur” may please try out this reality show as an alternate career option. In the audition , you pretty much just state your aspiration, but just replace the word “entrepreneur” with “Roadie”. These two gentlemen are looking for people like you. (Added advantage if you are from Delhi/Chandigarh)

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