I,as usual ,  ran out of ideas for this weeks post and was staring blankly at a wall, when this idea suddenly occurred to me.  I thought a lot about things that I would never do irrespective of the circumstances. I initially tried to put some structured thought to it, but then it put too much pressure on my mind and hence I am typing out whatever comes to my mind at the instant, to keep the list random.

I would never

(1) Smile at a person before he smiles at me : My argument is simple. The other person is doing the same thing if he does not smile.I feel there is no point taking leadership here.

(2) Work as an investment banker or as any banker for that matter : Zero value industry. Money is the biggest scam invented in the history of mankind. Further , I have watched this movie.

(3) Pay  a tip to an Indian waiter :  I am a miser. I would rather buy a roadside vada pav with the five rupees.

(4) Reprimand a kid for breaking my window while playing : I have broken many myself and escaped.

(5) Give away my Halliday-Resnick, JD Lee and Morrison& Boyd books :   They are just too good.  I just can’t picture someone eating a Bhelpuri on those pages.

(6) Go early to an  Indian wedding reception with the hope of getting more starters  : They always start late.

(7) Reply I am from IITB when asked which college I graduated from: People hate IIT and are judgmental about it  for all sorts of stupid reasons based on isolated incidents. No use convincing them either. Bombay Engineering College sounds cool too.   I will henceforth use that  as an answer.

(8) Date a SoBo Girl :  I would never be able to  get hold of one. 😦  ( Sour grapes: They have too  much attitude. They are highly overrated)

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