For the past few days, I had a lot of doubts on whether I was writing the “right” content on this blog so far. I had been going through a lot of  Webby winning blogs( Yeah, I set the bar too high), and felt that what I was writing was not even close to that even when I extrapolate to ten years from now. After a point I started doubting my initial idea of puking  out whatever came to my head through the  keyboard in the hope that a good equilibrium would be restored some day and people shall ultimately read and agree/disagree on my posts.( Ultimately, I am writing a blog because I want people to read; if not I would have chosen to write  a diary instead) . It led to me to contemplate whether I should even continue writing in the first place.

But today I came across this paragraph by Malcolm Gladwell in his book “What the Dog Saw” (a  highly recommended read) which bolstered my resolve to keep generating  ideas, irrespective of their perceived value.

The trick to finding ideas is to convince yourself that everyone and everything has a
story to tell. I say trick but what I really mean is challenge, because it’s a very hard thing
to do. Our instinct as humans, after all, is to assume that most things are not interesting.
We flip through the channels on the television and reject ten before we settle on one. We
go to a bookstore and look at twenty novels before we pick the one we want. We filter
and rank and judge. We have to. There’s just so much out there. But if you want to be a
writer, you have to fight that instinct every day. Shampoo doesn’t seem interesting? Well,
dammit, it must be, and if it isn’t, I have to believe that it will ultimately lead me to
something that is. (I’ll let you judge whether I’m right in that instance.)

I will be back with more of my random thoughts soon.

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