Fan-tastic Club

At the beginning of the season, after the 8-2 defeat to Manchester United, as an Arsenal fan, I vowed that one day, I would definitely become the manager of the club and show it the right direction. I am sure there were millions of other Arsenal fans whose mind echoed the same thoughts. I even contemplated mobilizing the fan forces and initiating a coup  to take over the key decision making processes in the club. Although, the idea of a fan managed club seemed an interesting , I assumed that it was next to impossible.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon Murcielagos FC’s website  which has actually gone ahead and implemented the above idea.


In fact, it has taken it to the next level by having no coach or trainer for the team. Participating in the Mexican second division, Murcielagos FC outsources all key decisions directly to the fans, with choices posted for supporters to vote on. The fans can vote online or via text message on everything from game tactics and team configuration, to player selection and in-game substitutions. They can even vote to decide which players will be awarded bonuses.

PS -The club hasn’t been very successful. I have a gut feeling that the reason lies in rival fans registering as fans for the clubs and voting deliberately for shitty tactics.

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