Dear Mr. Aamir Khan,

I am a huge fan of your show, and really appreciate the effort you have taken towards bringing social evils and injustice to light. I respect you even more for your smartness in positioning yourself as the common man’s savior , and timing your foray into television at the right time : when the other Khans are either depreciating in value or fading into oblivion.You fully deserve the 3 crore rupee fee for this shrewd move and its timing alone, if not for the show.

Now comes the real deal after all the sycophantic banter – a sincere request . While,I agree that there are many issues that are of concern to society, their number is still finite. I have a few suggestions for you, which you can use once you run out of issues/ideas.


Where art thou?

Every time I use money , this is my biggest headache. Apparently, all the coins in India have decided to play a practical joke on us, by absconding for almost a year. Almost every transaction I do, ends up with one party being frustrated because the other party did not tender exact change. I have sometimes even asked the other party to keep the change( in the tone of a rich guy tipping at a five star hotel ), which has placed a huge burden on my already shoestring budget. And not to mention the numerous times I have been chucked out of buses just because I did not tender exact change.


This is one issue I am extremely particular about.India is probably the only country in the world which has so much fetish for a language that is not native to it – English. So much is the obsession that we have made it our official language and our primary medium of instruction. And in the middle and upper classes, this fetish for English has manifested itself in a new form of subconscious and implied racism : I am probably judged more by the language I speak than the colour of my skin or my caste.This is the sort of look you are likely to get :

Ew! You speak Hindi. Don’t you know English?

It has gone to the extent that it is nowadays more cool to use English equivalents of derogatory phrases than the Hindi one. ( In fact, I hypothesize that all other factors remaining the same, if 2 persons yell out the same abuses at you – one in English and the other in Hindi – you are probably more likely to be pissed of or have a poor opinion about the second person). Chinese people are proud to speak Mandarin everywhere, Russians are proud of their language, Most Europeans prefer their native language to English, but we are still obsessed with English.

We frequently blame our education system to be pathetic, which might be true to quite an extent. But a fact that we have overlooked here is that our system uses a medium of instruction, which is native to neither the teachers nor the students. A gap in growth is bound to occur. And in scenarios where the medium of growth is the native language, the gap occurs due to the fact that adequate text/literature is not available in that medium. An argument offered is that learning English opens pathways to opportunities in India. I choose to disagree. These pathways to opportunities require English because of our society’s obsession for English. Look at Chinese kids and the growth they have in studies, despite studying in a language that is atleast 10 times more f***ed up than English , but is native to them.

P.S: I write this blog in English too because I have no other option.

You do see my point , Mr.Aamir, don’t you?

I will still tune in to Star Plus at 11 am every Sunday , in the hope that one day, you shall throw some light on the concerns I have. May the truth always triumph.

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