Quizzing has always been the sport ( if I may dare refer to it as such) of the chosen few. While quizzers would argue otherwise, the fact that most of its followers fit very standard stereotypes usually assigned to nerds has few counterarguments.To the outsider,  these are usually men who get together and discuss weird stuff, while making obscene comments and questions , amused at their pun making abilities. However, to the quizzer, he ( she being deliberately omitted)  is indulging in a serious social activity involving an important exchange of information and display of grey matter coupled with an amazing sense of humor. Nerds love this activity  because here your masculinity is measured by the question cracks and the wisecracks you make and not the size of your biceps or the number of push ups you can do.

Traditionally, quizzing has never found a lot of female enthusiasts. Of course, they do exist, but they are much less than the numbers in other literary activities like speaking and debating ( which however, fail to qualify as a sport). This lack of participation and appreciation from the fairer sex has led quizzing to lose its share of the literary pie.The few leftover potential quizzers from the male fraternity, in a bid to befriend their female counterparts , have been strategically( and rightly so )  turning more towards music and dance, which are perceived to be traditional female strongholds.

However, I observed something earlier today morning that provided a ray of hope. A group of 4-5 girls from my school were fighting to team up with a boy who had earlier displayed his intelligence by narrating the capital cities of the world. Mind you, these are girls who otherwise desist sitting near boys, as if they were another race. And in another interesting development, the boy who generally is very soft-spoken, felt infinitely machismo and was gleaming with pride on seeing that he was so much in demand . This new-found attention by the opposite sex, seemed to have kindled an interest so strong in him that he asked me for more books to read and ‘sharpen his mind’. ( I might be reading too much into an otherwise ordinary event, but an observation nonetheless)

When asked what they liked about the event today,they replied that the suspense when the question is read,  the pumped up fists on getting a right answer and the disappointment and embarrassment on not getting an obvious answer makes quizzing extremely exciting . Everytime a team got the right answer , they felt good and every time they saw a high-five being exchanged, it made them feel inspired.Clearly,  modern quizzing provides as much of an adrenaline rush as any other sport does and deserves its name right up there with the soccers and the basketballs. It is a classic showman sport if done the right way and is finally beginning to find takers.

The time has arrived for quizzing to rise and come out of the shadow . It deserves a fair share of takers and it seems that it is only a matter of time till that happens. Perhaps smart , in particular , quiz smart, is the new sexy. The day when trivia libraries would replace the gymnasiums is probably not far away.For the sake of the wonderful sport that quizzing is, I sincerely hope so.

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