This man really set the alarm bells ringing when I read this about him in the newspaper

Sanjay has forgotten how to write and is completely dependent on fellow inmates even to write simple names of items that are to be procured from the jail canteen.

According to the sources, Sanjay Dutt has not written anything for the last 30 years. His servants used to write for him. He seems to have lost the practice to write as he has only signed for a long time.

Although I tried to convince myself that this could never happen to me, a quick reflection was enough to tell me that this was definitely something that could happen to me.

I used to write a lot when I was young. I still remember my sheer frustration during holidays  when I was done with playing : My fingers felt the burning desire to catch hold of a pen and write something. Although things that I wrote were unlikely to land me anywhere close to the league of even the lowliest of authors, writing certainly gave me a sense of achievement and satisfaction. The act of penning down paragraphs, admiring my handwriting and the beautiful curves associated with it brought with it a delight which very few things can bring today.

Although I started this off as a hobby and a way to kill time, little did I know that this would give me a very valuable skill for the days to come. I aced almost every school exam because all you have to do in an Indian examination is write. The meaning never matters. The strict south Indian upbringing that emphasized good handwriting and the fact that I also understood a bit of what I wrote  aided my cause .While my friends left no stone unturned in cursing the subjects Hindi and Social Science, I actually loved writing the exams for those subjects. Consequently, I fared quite well till my tenth grade and my love for putting pen to paper and writing something was at its zenith.

Post tenth grade , however, things changed. I had to answer for an objective examination where I had to just circle bubbles with a pencil. In the eleventh grade, we got a computer at home and things were never the same. Typing became the in-thing and the keyboard replaced the pen. My interest in writing dwindled and by the time I was in college , most assignments were submitted online and exams hardly involved writing continuous paragraphs. I hardly ever wrote a paragraph or more out of my interest.

Then came Facebook, to worsen matters further. Today, even on the odd day when I feel like writing, I cannot think of more than a line or two. Whenever I have an interesting thought, instead of “how about writing a few paragraphs on this” my reaction is “how about putting an interesting status message about this”.  Even writing this blog post has been a stretch of my mind to its fullest limits and still all I could do was come up with around 2-3 ill-constructed paragraphs.

Perhaps it is really high time that I buy that diary that I have always wanted and fill it with creases of ink from the fountain pen that I always loved writing with and continue writing my thoughts down rather than typing them first. The pen may not be mightier but is definitely smoother than a keyboard.


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