(1) Quit putting statuses on Facebook, switch to blogging regularly instead.

(2) Write at least 52 blog posts. Shamelessly publicize to get at least 10000 views.

(3) Increase body mass by 15 %

(4) Re-evaluate the feasibility and rationality of a relationship

(5) 20 % increase in sleep time , regulate sleep regime to 12 am – 6 am

(6) Write an autobiography of life so far

(7) Increase punctuality rate to 90% from the current abysmal level

(8) Reduce incidents of being scolded by parents for indiscipline by 20%

(9) Do 1 trek every month.

(10) Attain basic proficiency in two new languages

(11) Train self to become ambidextrous

(12) Qualify for the finals of at least 1 open quiz. Score > 50 in Mahaquizzer.

(13) Convert at least 1 Manchester United fan to an Arsenal Fan

(14) Wear formal clothes at least 20% of the time

(15)  Learn one new thing which I never thought I would do.

(16) Figure out ways to spend some money.

(17) Figure out life goals.

(18) Get a better display picture.

(19) Get a life.

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