I turn 26 today – a number that evokes mixed feelings whenever I encounter it. While being equal to the number of matches that Arsenal won en-route to glory in 2003-04, it is also associated with not-so-pleasant events like the Chennai Tsunami of 2004, the Bhuj Earthquake of 2001, and the horrific 2008 attack on Mumbai, the city I call home.

I have essentially been trying to figure out what I feel about turning 26. Few starting thoughts –

  1. I am officially in my late 20s. My age will now be rounded to 30 instead of 20.
  2. I have officially lived 1/3rd of the lifespan I want to lead. I have never wanted to live beyond 78. 79 is a prime number, and I hate prime numbers. Anything above 80 sounds too old.
  3. I look at fresh graduates and refer to them as ‘ the next generation’.
  4. Year 27 is also the year of least pressure. Even in the event that I die, I get to join the 27 Club. ( and be the only member who is not a musician or an alcoholic or a drug addict)

Those are rather sickening thoughts. I should stop now.

But writing again after so long feels so good. Never mind the shitty organization, coherence and in some cases, absence of ideas so far. Will be back with something better and hopefully less sickening soon.










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