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Yet another year comes to an end and with that comes the time to plan for the year ahead. I have always assumed that I am terrible at following through on resolutions. The last time I made a list of resolutions on New Year’s eve was in 2015 – a list that I had made public on this blog. I had to pull down the list because I was embarrassed about not living upto even 1 resolution properly during 2016.

Turns out – I have actually followed through on each of those resolutions over the last 2 years. Writing down a list and making it public makes me feel accountable to achieving those things – even if slower than planned.

Here is what I aim to definitely achieve this year:

  • Move out of parents’ home  and stay on my own
  • Travel abroad for 10 days, preferably with someone
  • Give all personal relationships the attention they deserve
  • Cook  26 different meal recipes
  • Write 26 blog posts
  • Read 26 books and review 13 books
  • Run 750 km

Let me see how I fare , on the other side of the year – same day, same time, next year.

Happy New Year.

PS – Keep praying that Arsenal qualifies for the Champions’ League this year and that Manchester City do not better the Invincible Arsenal team this year – increasing risk that they might.




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