How to be an Arsenal fan and not lose your ****ing mind – 10 steps

14 years. Half the duration of my existence on earth. It has been an era since I began supporting Arsenal FC and  the great Le Professeur Arsene Wenger. This really has been a love story - one of my earliest ones. It would be a gross understatement to characterise this as anything but a beautiful … Continue reading How to be an Arsenal fan and not lose your ****ing mind – 10 steps


I turn 26 today - a number that evokes mixed feelings whenever I encounter it. While being equal to the number of matches that Arsenal won en-route to glory in 2003-04, it is also associated with not-so-pleasant events like the Chennai Tsunami of 2004, the Bhuj Earthquake of 2001, and the horrific 2008 attack on … Continue reading 26

A Letter to the IUPAC President

Today, we were discussing  the evolution of the Metric System. Mehak was extremely annoyed at the decision of the scientists at IUPAC to fix the  length of 1 metre at its current length. She constantly asked me why they chose that particular length for the metre and not any other. I had no reason that … Continue reading A Letter to the IUPAC President

A genius can come from anywhere

I wanted to write this post a long time back, but I kept on deferring it not because of paucity of time , but because I was never in the mood to give full justice to it. Today happened to be one of those days where I felt like writing, and here I go. This … Continue reading A genius can come from anywhere

The biggest tale of hypocrisy

For the past one month in school, I have become a stricter teacher  than what I ever have been . I repeatedly tell  the children in my class (often to their dislike) the various ways in which 'good and smart people' behave. I have given rewards for positive behavior and consequences for negative behavior , in … Continue reading The biggest tale of hypocrisy

The case for Greece

No, I am not talking about the economic crisis looming over Greece. It is clear that no one can save them from that. The one I am referring to is the one that happened at the UEFA Euro Championships 2012. Greece advanced to the quarter-finals after defeating Russia 1-0 in the final match of the … Continue reading The case for Greece