In the new book The Education of Millionaires, Michael Ellsberg suggests that although “there are many wonderful things you can learn in college,” few of them are transferable to real life. Perhaps in an effort to fill that perceived gap, Ellsberg has written what might be characterized as a motivational self-help manual that aims to reveal “the capabilities and mind-sets that will get you ahead outside the classroom.”

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So far, so good. I welcome the kind of robust debate about the value of higher education that this book may engender. It is necessary to bear in mind, however, that what Ellsberg also reveals is a passionate regard for making money — lots of it — as a measure of the value of an individual’s work and worth. To defend his thesis, the author cites a number of college dropouts —…

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Sleep Solutions

It all started on a bright Sunday, I just could not get out of sleep despite being in bed for over 15 hours - yes , you read it right  - 15 hours.Not that I had done any brain/body-exhausting activity the previous day - the fact of the matter was that I just could not … Continue reading Sleep Solutions

Lessons in Quizzing

After a long hiatus, I finally had my first quizzing experience in over 4 months as I conducted an Open Sports Quiz at IIT Bombay.  This was something I was really looking forward to, as quizzing had been one of the most important activities of my undergraduate life, one which I thoroughly enjoyed, irrespective of … Continue reading Lessons in Quizzing

Teach For India: Five Random Reasons

For many days, friends and acquaintances have been hounding me with the one question I hate to answer. Why did you join Teach For India? I don't hate it because I don't know the answer, but rather because people do not believe my answer. A friend from my college has had a similar experience, to … Continue reading Teach For India: Five Random Reasons

Music: Random Associations

When I skimmed through this post by Ben Jones during the last few days of my final year at college , I almost lost hope after reading #10 and  #25 and  was almost about to dismiss his post as infeasible and close the window. I decided to read again to check whether college was really that … Continue reading Music: Random Associations