Why IITians love consulting

If you go to any IIT Campus in India (be it Bombay, Madras , Kanpur or Delhi ) and mention the names McKinsey, BCG or Bain ( the Big Three as they are referred to ) , you will certainly see turning heads, lit eyes and attentive ears. These consulting firms are the darlings of … Continue reading Why IITians love consulting

The case for Greece

No, I am not talking about the economic crisis looming over Greece. It is clear that no one can save them from that. The one I am referring to is the one that happened at the UEFA Euro Championships 2012. Greece advanced to the quarter-finals after defeating Russia 1-0 in the final match of the … Continue reading The case for Greece

The Open Mind Conundrum

The phrase  " have an open mind"  has always intrigued me. Although it means something as simple as being receptive to new ideas,  I am still pretty confused about it. While I always try to be an open-minded person ( or at least project myself as one), of late , I have had a dilemma … Continue reading The Open Mind Conundrum

Indian Parents

Indian parents are notorious for taking more than the advised amount of interest in their children's life. Most Indian kids complain about the extent of invasion their parents have on their academic and personal lives. Their argument is that if their western counterparts do so well with so much freedom( which I believe is a … Continue reading Indian Parents

‘Exam’ining life

As I blankly stared at the opposite wall , struggling to think of ways to kill time at 3 in the morning , I could not help but press the rewind button in my life to what changes had caused me to suddenly become so restless. In the 22 years I have spent on Earth, … Continue reading ‘Exam’ining life

Fan-tastic Club

At the beginning of the season, after the 8-2 defeat to Manchester United, as an Arsenal fan, I vowed that one day, I would definitely become the manager of the club and show it the right direction. I am sure there were millions of other Arsenal fans whose mind echoed the same thoughts. I even … Continue reading Fan-tastic Club


In the new book The Education of Millionaires, Michael Ellsberg suggests that although “there are many wonderful things you can learn in college,” few of them are transferable to real life. Perhaps in an effort to fill that perceived gap, Ellsberg has written what might be characterized as a motivational self-help manual that aims to reveal “the capabilities and mind-sets that will get you ahead outside the classroom.”

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So far, so good. I welcome the kind of robust debate about the value of higher education that this book may engender. It is necessary to bear in mind, however, that what Ellsberg also reveals is a passionate regard for making money — lots of it — as a measure of the value of an individual’s work and worth. To defend his thesis, the author cites a number of college dropouts —…

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